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CSS Inspector

Fastest way to inspect/edit live webpages without coding.

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CSS Inspector Is The Easiest & Fastest Way To Inspect/Edit Live Webpages Without Coding. It's Simple, Just Click & Copy!

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How often do you think: What is that exact color on that website? What is that exact font or style?

And then you open ‘inspect element’ in your browser and get lost in the code and give up. What a waste of time.

Now there is CSS Inspector! An easy way to inspect the CSS of any element with only hover over, and copy its entire CSS with one click.

With this super simple, but highly effective Chrome Extension you will save a huge amount of time on the daily struggles of a marketer, designer or developer.

What can you do with CSS Inspector?

 Get CSS Properties simply by selecting an element

 Get the color palette from any website

 Get a color reading from any point in your browser, elements or images, and paste it

 Get distance between elements in the page

 Inspect fonts, color and other font properties. All typographies in one place

Get Lifetime access to CSS Inspector now!

CSS Inspector Lifetime Deal Grabltd

Plans & Pricing

Save $75 (75.8%)
  •  Inspect/edit live webpages without coding
  •  CSS Properties Copy & Paste Tool
  •  Color Palette Detector
  •  Color Hover Detector
  •  Measure: Get distance between elements
  •  Font Detector
  •  Chrome Extension
  •  All future updates and improvements included
  •  30-day Money Back Guarantee


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