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Pro-level no-code for web and web3

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Build your apps from scratch with enterprise-grade security within days

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Directual is a full-stack no-code platform that gives you the scalability and flexibility to launch your app’s MVP and go beyond scaling it without limits!

  • Whitelabel Portal
  • Unlimited App Versions
  • Alternative to:  Airtable, Bubble, Xano.
  • Best for Solopreneurs & Startup Founders, Agencies, and Freelancers.

These days you can take your app from a simple idea to an MVP in days. Thanks to no-code platforms. 

Yet, the moment you look for flexibility & scalability, you inevitably go down the traditional ways. 

Although, it demands skilled programmers, BIG investments, and months of development. Not to forget the security and testing… ugh!!!

Developing scalable and secure products in your visual no-code platform is not impossible…

Meet Directual

Directual is a full-stack no-code platform giving developers and SaaS Founders the flexibility to build scalable products faster.

Start getting users (paying customers) for your minimum viable product within days of finalizing your product idea and starting to build. 

Save thousands of dollars in recurring costs for skilled programmers. Because you can visually develop your product with no programming experience. 

You can build your app end-to-end, from the database to the user interface. All by yourself.

Once you have a functional product fired up, scale up your product with no delay.  

Handle millions of requests and records with the powerful database on Amazon cloud infrastructure. Configure it in only a few clicks with enterprise-grade security. 

Let your users signup securely or assign them role-based access with user authentication. Simply set up secure API endpoints, customize them, and hook ‘em up! Increase your user signups by developing your product with super-specific scenarios for your users.

You have complete flexibility to create custom scenarios your customers will pay for… Including scheduled, real-time, and event-based scenarios on your product backend. 

Go further to give your customer the complex use cases they request by linking multiple scenarios into a single workflow.

Make your users stay longer on your appwith an intuitive user interface that’s super-fast and mobile-friendly.

Visually build webpages in minutes and customize them down to the finest details, including font pairs and color schemes. Link your website to any custom domain you own.

Plus, you get a free SSL certificate to keep your website secure for buyers and web visitors. 

But your website/app is not just the user interface and the backend. Add more value to your users with powerful integrations via plugins.

Yes, still no code. Get a library of free plugins (including Web3 plugins) to integrate with Google Sheets, OpenAI, NFT, Ethereum… or build your own.

All of it is built on top of the robust AWS. So you can launch your scalable product with no code.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $309 (88.8%)
  • Number of Apps at one time: 1
  • Number of Developers: 1
  • Number of monthly processing operations per app: 25,000
  • Number of monthly sync processing operations per app: 25,00
  • Number of monthly GET-requests per app: 25,000
  • Number of monthly Post-requests per app: 2,500
  • Number of monthly HTTP requests per app: 1,000
  • Number of Storage per app: 25 GB
  • Number of RPS requests per second: 10
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Plan B
Save $900 (90.1%)
  • Number of Apps at one time: 5
  • Number of Developers: 5
  • Number of monthly processing operations per app: 50, 000
  • Number of monthly sync processing operations per app: 5000
  • Number of monthly GET-requests per app: 50,000
  • Number of monthly Post-requests per app: 5,000
  • Number of monthly HTTP requests per app: 1,000
  • Number of Storage per app: 25 GB
  • Number of RPS requests per second: 10
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Directual?

Directual is a full-stack no-code platform perfect for building projects of any range: from basic MVPs to enterprise-grade products. It’s helpful in creating internal apps, high-load products, mobile apps for both iOS and Android, Web3 dApps, and AI-based products.

How does Directual differ from traditional programming?

Directual has the same flexibility, complexity, and scalability of traditional programming, with a few key differences. Visual interface allows anyone to start building software without programming knowledge, it’s much faster to deploy, and, as a result, cheaper – as you only need one person to build an app, and not a team of developers.

Can Directual be used to scale apps beyond the MVP stage?

Yes, and it is backed up by our customers that praise Directual for this first and foremost. The platform is cloud-hosted on AWS, and the internal data exchange structure was designed precisely to handle high loads.

How can no-code help build Web3 projects?

No-code platforms help non-technical users join the Web3 frontier and create their own products. Crypto on its own is fairly complex to begin with, and no-code simply removes the entry barrier. With no difficult code involved in the project creation, testing and deploying blockchain apps is far easier and faster.

What is the difference between Directual and Bubble?

In short, the main difference is the also the main reason why Bubble users look elsewhere: scalability. Bubble is great when it comes to eye-candy: beautiful interfaces are easy to build. However, as soon as the app reaches scalability stage, things start to slow down. Directual, on the other hand, excels at scalability without losing in the looks department either, especially with some fine-tuning. On top of that, Directual and Bubble make quite the power couple, as they can be integrated together!

How to get started with Directual?

We’ve got an incredible academy available, with tons of learning materials helpful in learning Directual A to Z. Have a look, and get your journey started, with handy examples and template projects you can use to begin.