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No review yet. be the first is a powerful online web form builder that allows you to create surveys, quizzes, tests, calculators, online appointment and booking forms, and any other type of web form.

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We help you create web forms of any complexity, without a designer or programmer. is a great solution for creating both simple and very complex forms. Its unlimited possibilities allow you to create almost any form and customize it the way you want.

Using the FormDesigner, you can create web forms of any complexity. You do not need to have special knowledge and install additional software on your PC. You just need to select the appropriate template, enter the data and copy the code, transfer the finished form to your website. Create projects in few minutes and save your time!

The designer’s functionality allows you to create web forms of any complexity: from a standard subscription to email newsletters to full-fledged multi-page questionnaires. The parameters of each field are configured separately. You choose which of them are required, and also specify field names and tips for users.

Drag & drop interface

No HTML or CSS required – with the intuitive Drag & Drop interface, anyone can create a web form. Add new fields for entering the name and contact information, checkboxes, drop-down lists and buttons for downloading files, by selecting the necessary items in the menu and dragging them to the workspace with the mouse. In the same way, you can change the order of fields in a finished web form by moving them up and down.

Customize the look of your forms

You can choose one of the standard themes with customized fonts and color schemes, or create your own. The form designer allows you to work through each block and individually customize the design of the main groups of elements. The design editing takes place in real time: the form remains in front of your eyes and you instantly see all the changes you make. You can adjust the background, width and border style, shadows, alignment, indentation, fonts, and other parameters for each group of elements.


FormDesigner uses several methods of protection to prevent unauthorized access and protect your data:

  • password access – without it, one will not be able to open a web form;
  • 2 types of captcha (invisible and mathematical) to protect against spam bots;
  • HTTPS encryption.

Also, in the settings you can prevent the same person from filling out the form again (by cookie and/or IP address). This feature is useful when conducting various polls and contests in order to avoid distortion of the results and cheating of votes.

Social locker

Close your web form from “onlookers” with a social lock, which will display the form only after authorization in one of the social networks.


You have a great opportunity to expand the functionality of your website by adding an online calculator and an online payment acceptance form created using our designer. All the settings are entered in a special form with a few clicks and are always ready for editing. We tried to make the functionality as simple and straightforward as possible for users that do not have any programming skills.

Suitable for any site. Our forms work on any site and do not depend on the platform on which it is made.

More than 33 different elements. To create forms of any complexity.

Logical rules and branching. Show only the required fields and pages of the form, depending on customer responses.

Rules for redirections. Redirect the user to different pages, depending on their responses, after submitting the form.

Online payment module. Accept online payment from customers after submitting a form.

Appearance. Customize different form themes to match your website design.

Saving UTM tags. Automatic saving of all UTM tags on the form page is supported.

Auto-complete data from a URL or cookie. Pass additional customer data to the form via a URL or cookie.

Personalized and reactive forms. Address the customer by his name in the form, using substitution macros.

Print page. Redirect the user to the page to print with the specified template, with the ability to save the result in PDF.

Autosave data in the form. When you visit the site again, the required fields in the form will be automatically filled in.

Don’t lose data from blank forms. Allows you to save data even if the client did not press the “Send” button.

Plans & Pricing

Save $46.48 (44.1%)
  • Unlimited forms
  • Upload storage – 500 MB
  • Unlimited number of elements in the form
  • Submissions – 1 000
  • Real-time form builder
  • Email Notification
  • Logical rules for forms
  • Protection of the form with a password
  • Social locker
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Export to CSV/Excel
  • Adding custom CSS
  • Adding custom code to the form
  • WebHooks API


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sites can I install your web forms on?

Our web forms can be installed on any number of sites and their work is not dependent on the site domain.

Do your forms adapt to mobile devices?

Our web forms work perfectly on any device and automatically adapt to any screen size, without additional configuration

Do your forms work on the platform with which I created the site?

The forms do not depend on the platform on which your site was created and work with all known CMS and site designers.

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