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Hubstaff Tasks is an agile-focused project management tool with built-in time-tracking, Sprints, daily stand-ups, timelines, roadmaps, and more.

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Sprint to the finish line with a better PM software that has the tools you need to get more done.

Hubstaff Tasks is an agile-focused project management tool with built-in time-tracking, Sprints, daily stand-ups, timelines, roadmaps, and more. It’s got the features your team needs to run at its best. With communication tools and more, Hubstaff Tasks will get everyone on your team on the same page. Take control of your time and projects now!

Hubstaff Tasks is loaded with proven Agile practices, like built-in time-tracking, Sprints, Kanban boards, daily stand-ups, roadmaps, and more to help your team focus better. This platform lets you see all of your tasks prioritized and in one place and gives you all the communication tools your team needs, including comments, checklists, assignments, and attachments. That way, the entire team is in the loop whenever somebody makes an update. It’s no surprise that Hubstaff Tasks has earned 4.5-star ratings from Capterra and GetApp.

  • Visual boards & columns allow you to keep work moving in the right direction
  • Stunning clarity & only the features you need
  • Automated workflows; one click moves an entire project forward
  • Built-in time tracking keeps tabs on how much time you spend per project<
  • Proven agile practices for better project outcomes
  • See all of your tasks prioritized and in one place
  • Stay in the loop with team updates
  • All the communication tools your team needs: Comments, Checklists, Assignments, Attachments

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  •  6 or more users
  •  Unlimited projects
  • 5GB storage/user
  •  Recurring tasks
  •  Timelines
  •  Roadmap
  •  Due dates and estimates
  • Sprint planning
  •  Automated stand-ups
  •  Custom project templates
  •  Custom workflow actions
  •  Unlimited teams
  •  Kanban boards
  •  Custom labels
  •  Multiple assignees
  •  Checklists
  •  Project quick switcher
  •  Advanced settings
  •  Filter and search
  •  Project templates
  •  Comments and mentions
  • File attachments
  • Roles and permissions
  •  Automatically syncs with Hubstaff
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hubstaff?

Hubstaff is a time tracking and workforce management platform that automates many aspects of running a growing business.

Teams can track time to projects and to-dos using Hubstaff’s desktop, web, or mobile applications. You’ll be able to see how much time your team spends on different tasks, plus productivity metrics like activity rates and app usage through Hubstaff’s online dashboard.

Most of these features are customizable on a per-user basis, so you can create the team management tool you need.

With Hubstaff, you’ll get a clear picture of your team’s performance based on actual data instead of guesses and rough estimates.

Hubstaff offers three products: Hubstaff TimeHubstaff Desk, and Hubstaff Field. Hubstaff also offers Agile project management software called Hubstaff Tasks and a free remote talent platform called Hubstaff Talent.

  • Hubstaff Time

    Simplify work tracking and boost your efficiency with Hubstaff Time. Hubstaff Time streamlines time tracking, timesheets, and payments so you and your team can get more done in less time.

  • Hubstaff Desk

    Simplify work tracking and boost your efficiency with Hubstaff Time. Hubstaff Time streamlines time tracking, timesheets, and payments so you and your team can get more done in less time.

  • Hubstaff Field

    Hubstaff Field is for mobile teams in industries like construction, architecture, landscaping, and health care. See where your team members are and the work that they’re doing. With Hubstaff’s geofenced Job sites that automate time tracking, timesheets and payroll have never been more accurate.

How does Hubstaff's time tracking work?

Tracking time is incredibly easy with Hubstaff. After setting up your organization and its projects, team members can use Hubstaff’s desktop, web, or mobile apps to track their time. You can also create to-dos within projects for more precise tracking.

Once you start tracking time to a task, Hubstaff will quietly run in the background as you work, consuming virtually no resources. You can easily switch between tasks or stop tracking with just a few clicks. When Hubstaff isn’t tracking time, no other data is being recorded. The goal is only to track work done on a device, not to watch someone at all times.

How does Hubstaff track activity?

Hubstaff tracks the applications and websites your team spends time on while the app is running. Then it calculates your team members’ activity rates based on keyboard and mouse usage, which helps establish a baseline for each team member’s average productivity.

We call these proof of work features, and they’re only included in Hubstaff Desk or Desk + Field plans. These features can be customized for each person or turned off altogether.

How does Hubstaff calculate activity rates?

Hubstaff detects input from your keyboard and mouse to measure your activity over ten-minute periods (600 seconds). For example, if you typed on your keyboard and moved your mouse for 300 total seconds while the timer was running, that would equal an activity rate of 50%.

Take note that Hubstaff does not record your keystrokes. The app only checks if there is keyboard or mouse activity or if there isn’t.

How does idle timeout work?

In order to cut down on inaccurate timesheets, Hubstaff can prompt a notification when a user goes idle (no mouse or keyboard activity). Idle intervals can be set to notify after 5, 10, 20 minutes, or never. After those periods, your team members can choose to keep tracking time or stop the timer and keep or delete the idle time.

Does Hubstaff record my screen?

Hubstaff can take screenshots once, twice, or three times per ten minutes, but we do not record video of your computer display while you are working.

Hubstaff offers the option to blur your team members’ screenshots, allowing you to track their progress without risking access to sensitive information.

This is another proof of work feature that can be customized or turned off if you choose.

Does Hubstaff record voice and video?

o, and we never will. Hubstaff is a productivity tool, not surveillance software. We will never record sounds from your microphone or videos of your screen or webcam.

Does Hubstaff track location?

Hubstaff’s mobile apps have built-in GPS capabilities that allow managers to track their team members’ locations. Similar to its proof of work features, this will only work while you’re tracking time or through fleet tracking. Hubstaff will stop uploading live data when you stop the timer and instead report your last recorded location. Your team will have to grant permissions on their device when they download the app, so they’ll know what’s being tracked.

How does it track my team's productivity and efficiency?

Tracking your team’s efficiency can be a challenge, but we’ve equipped Hubstaff with several great features to help you determine how they perform.

For example, a video editor could have low activity rates over short but recurring periods of time throughout the day. However, the app usage report will show that they spent almost all of their time on video editing software. This would make sense as rendering videos takes time but involves no keyboard or mouse input.

Another example is a writer working on an extensive article. A low activity rate doesn’t immediately imply that they’re inefficient. Heavy research and web browsing typically precede writing, so be sure to review the websites they visited before making a conclusion.

Hubstaff works best when you have clear expectations for your team. It helps you determine each team member’s average productivity levels to identify improvements or declines in their performance over time. In other words, the more you use Hubstaff, the better the results you’ll get.

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