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Finally, a Call-To-Action on Any Content.

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All in One Link Shortener Tool

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The only link shortener you need to drive and measure traffic, wherever you want it to.

  • Main Features GDPR-compliant, White label, and CNAME.
  • Alternative to Sniply, Bitly, TinyURL, and Rebrandly.
  • Integrations API, Buffer, Webhooks, WordPress, and Zapier.
  • Best for Marketers, Marketing agencies, and Social media managers.

Content is King, but what if… you could drive traffic to others’ content.

Yup, with the Link-cloaking iframe-breaker CTA of you can drive content to your website by sharing others’ content.

What if… you could re-target, analyze, and convert the visitors into potential customers along with that?

Introducing Incises Lifetime Deal a new and revolutionary tool that can do that for you, along with a lot more goodies.

  • Call-To-Action: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3
  • Bio-Profile: Sample
  • Splash Page: Sample

It comes already loaded with two domains and, which can be enriched further by bringing your own domain. isn’t a normal link shortener. It allows you to add Call-To-Action on any website, even if it has iframe protection.

Drive traffic and grow your social media via complete automation. Just use our CTA RSS feed, which creates an RSS feed — with a CTA already applied on all the links — that is ready to be used in any social media scheduler.

Feeling like the descriptions are too short in your RSS feed? No problem! We will enrich your RSS feed with multiple lines of content when the CTA RSS feed is generated.

Want to have inline hashtags in the feed as well? Absolutely, we got you covered.

Unlimited Content: Google News > Your Keywords > Feed > (Hashtag) CTA Feed

We also generate automatic summary pages when direct call-to-action is not possible.

These are clutter-free pages, retaining the value of the original page and your CTA on it.

Call-to-action can be of multiple types as well, including text, images, banners, contact forms, lead generation, coupons, polls, etc.

And all this can automatically happen in your CTA RSS feed, hassle-free.

The possibility of usage is infinite and only limited by your imagination!

The story doesn’t end with only a call to action, either.

Incises comes loaded with all the features of a link shortener and has been in service for 2 years.

That includes a bio profile, QR codes, targeting based on geography/device/language, and retargeting with pixels/tags.

Incises Important Features

  • Generate QR Codes: For text, SMS, wi-fi, v-card, link, email, phone, Whatsapp, or crypto wallet
  • Bio Profile: This Lets you create a unique and complete customizable profile for mobile display or use in your Instagram or Twitter account
  • User Targeting: Target users having different geo locations to different long URLs from a single short link
  • Re-Target Users: You can integrate pixels and tags of all major platforms and re-target interested users
  •  Incises provides powerful analysis tools to track link performance
  • Diversion of Traffic:- Drive Traffic on others’ content. Incises automatically create an iframe-breaker (summary page) if the target page has an iframe lock.

Plan Details:

Stack Up To 11 Codes To Increase Plan Limits:-

Incises (Stack 1)

  • Links: 10k
  • Custom Domains: 10
  • Team Members : 3
  • Call-To-Action Design: 25
  • CTA RSS Feed: 1
  • Re-targeting Pixels: 5
  • Bio-Profiles: 5
  • QR Codes: 5
  • Analytics: 7 days
  • Campaigns / Rotators Allowed
  • Clicks: Unlimited

Incises (Stack 2 to Stack 4) every stack additionally gives: –

  • (+) Links: 10k
  • (+) Call-To-Action Design: 25
  • (*2) CTA RSS Feed (Yes, Doubles with every code)
  • (*2) Re-targeting Pixels (Yes, Double)
  • (*2) Bio-Profiles (Yes, Double)
  • (*2) QR Codes (Yes, Double with every code)

Incises (Stack 5) everything from above with upgrades: –

  • Links: 50k
  • Custom Domains: 25
  • Team Feature: 5
  • CTA Design: 125
  • CTA RSS Feed: 25
  • Re-Targeting Pixels: 75
  • Bio-Profiles: 75
  • QR Codes: 75
  • Analytics: 15 days
  • Geo-Targeting Allowed
  • Device Targeting Allowed
  • Language Targeting Allowed
  • Export Data

Incises (Stack 6 to Stack 10) every stack additionally gives: –

  • (+) Links: 10K
  • (+) CTA Design: 25
  • (+) CTA RSS Feed: 10

Incises (Stack 11) everything from above with upgrades: –

  • Links: 100K
  • Custom Domains: 50
  • Team Feature: 10
  • CTA Design: 250
  • CTA RSS Feed: 100
  • Re-Targeting Pixels: 100
  • Bio-Profiles: 200
  • QR Codes: 200
  • Analytics: 30 days
  • API

Deal Terms

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $70 (70.7%)
  • 10K Links
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • 3 Team Members
  • 25 CTA Design
  • 1 CTA RSS Feed
  • 5 Re-Targeting Pixels
  • 5 Bio-Profiles
  • 5 QR Codes
  • 7 Days Analytics
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Campaigns/Rotators Allowed
Plan B
Save $140 (70.7%)
  • 20K Links
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • 3 Team Members
  • 50 CTA Design
  • 2 CTA RSS Feed
  • 10 Re-Targeting Pixels
  • 10 Bio-Profiles
  • 10 QR Codes
  • 7 Days Analytics
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Campaigns/Rotators Allowed
Plan C
Save $210 (70.7%)
  • 30K Links
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • 3 Team Members
  • 75 CTA Design
  • 4 CTA RSS Feed
  • 20 Re-Targeting Pixels
  • 20 Bio-Profiles
  • 20 QR Codes
  • 7 Days Analytics
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Campaigns/Rotators Allowed


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register on Incises?

This is a straight forward process and being privacy focused, we have taken minimalistic approach.

To begin the sign-up process please follow our Registration Link.

Fill in a username of your choice.

The email address for your account. (Validation of email required).

Finally, enter a password of your choice for securing your account.

That’s it, hit the button to finish registration.

Note: A Verification link will be sent to your destination email, which must be confirmed to use the system.

What makes our Call to Action different from anyone else?

Call to Action can be extremely beneficial depending on how you put them to use.

The problem, however, nowadays is, that most websites are using iframe blocks to ensure marketing experts cannot add a call to action on their content.

So, we at has come up with an innovative solution to this.

We create summary pages on the fly for the webpage you intended to add CTA on.

This creates a summarized version of the webpage and de-clutters the webpage at the same time. Making it more appealing to the target audience.

Hence, we are breaking the iframe. So that, you can continue driving traffic to your website based on others’ content.

What type of Call-To-Action are available?

We provide a flexible range of Call-To-Action for variety of need.

And each provided option for Call-To-Action can be customized to suit your precise need.

The colors, text and layout can be adjusted to blend in with the target webpage.


Options available are :

  • CTA Message : Call to Action with a discount code or nudge to drive traffic to your website on other’s content. Eg, check this.
  • CTA Contact : Create a contact form where users will be able to contact you via email.
  • CTA Newsletter : Create a small popup form to collect emails from users.
  • CTA Poll : Create a quick poll where users will be able to answer it upon visit.
  • CTA Coupon : Create a small popup with a coupon code that users can use.
  • CTA Image : Create a small popup with an image of your choice.
Can I upgrade my account at any time?

Yes! You can start with our free package and upgrade anytime to enjoy premium features.

How will I be charged?

You will be charged at the beginning of each period automatically until canceled.

What happens when I delete my account?

Once your account has been deleted, your subscription will be canceled and we will wipe all of your data from our servers including but not limited to your links, traffic data, pixels and all other associated data.

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