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Inspector - Monitor performance of your code execution in real-time and identify bugs and bottlenecks before your users do.

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Have you ever desired to watch your code running, instead of just imagining it? Pushing new technical updates are a part of running your website and an application but imagine the chaos when there are bugs which are not identified by you but are always informed to you by your customers. It’s a danger sign!

You need to keep your application up-to-date by measuring the performance of the application processes to understand the impact of code changes over time which, if done manually is time-consuming and expensive.

So stop losing your customers and money due to technical errors in your applications because you’ll be the first to know if your application is in trouble with the help of this tool!

Inspector – Monitor performance of your code execution in real-time and identify bugs and bottlenecks before your users do.

Inspector is a real-time monitoring & alerting software that helps developers to identify bug and bottlenecks in their application before users stumble onto the problem.

It takes less than one minute to be fully integrated in your backend. You need just one command to install Inspector’s library in your application, then it starts to automatically monitor your application in real-time allowing you to identify unexpected behaviors at a glance.

Thanks to Inspector’s libraries, you will be able to add performance and errors reports of any custom code block inside your backend and create a real-time picture of what your application does on every execution cycle. It supports Laravel, PHP, and NodeJS.

Having a clear map of the processes sorted by resource consumption, allows you to focus your attention only on optimizations that can save you Cloud infrastructure costs with just a few, well targeted code changes without spending hours or days navigating your codebase to find out bugs and bottlenecks.

Automatic Process Discovery – Find out the impact each process has on resource consumption, like: HTTP requests, internal jobs and more. You can easily identify the parts of your application that need more refactoring.

Code Execution Timeline – It’s a visual representation of the execution flow so you can immediately understand which tasks can be optimized to make your application more efficient.

You’ll understand which statements have the most impact within each process at a glance. This level of visibility can completely change the speed at which you improve your application by creating ever better software and making your customers happy.

Performance Distribution – This is the fastest way to identify the differences between good and bad process performance. You’ll save hours or even days to identify and fix the specific part of your code that is causing performance degradation.

Error Detection – Eradicate errors and their variants before your users are aware of them, thanks to a real-time diagnosis that also contains error context, and timeline.

Report unpredictable errors directly to you and your team. Understanding the exact line of code that is causing the issue, you can fix your application before users stumble onto the problem, drastically reducing negative impacts on your customer base.

Prepackaged libraries – Inspector comes existing libraries for major frameworks (Laravel, Express js) to fully monitor your application in less than one minute.

Security – All connections with Inspector API are secured by an industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS Encryption. Furthermore, Inspector’s data storage and analysis infrastructure is not accessible from the public internet.

Performance – Inspector is designed to be completely transparent from your client point of view. It collects and send data to Inspector’s inspection API asynchronously. This means that it doesn’t introduce any latency in your code execution.

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