Pro Live Streaming And Recording With Your Mobile Devices.

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Pro video production studio that fits on your phone.

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Try the closest alternative to large gear and full-on productions & transform your business by offering accessible, flexible and PROFITABLE video solutions clients want.

  • Livestream and record broadcast-quality videos with your mobile devices (iOS and Android!)
  • Alternative to OBS studio.
  • Comes with unlimited pro features, such as layers for your name, text, logo, product images and b-roll.
  • Best for Content creators, Small businesses, Videographers, and more!

The issue with TV cameras, cables, and full-scale production is that things are happening right now, not in weeks!

  • You need exciting and relevant footage TODAY, not next Tuesday!
  • Audiences want TV-quality experiences (and sound) even on Facebook.
  • Heavy equipment means you’re limited to a single production a day…

Try the closest alternative to expensive video equipment and full-on productions & transform the way you stream live and create a video with this accessible, flexible, and PROFITABLE streaming and recording app.

Meet RECnGO Lifetime Deal

It is the pro video production studio that fits on your phone. Perfect for events, sports, content creation, and selling properties.

Mobile-first, studio-quality productions without the TV cameras, cables, or driving around in a van. Out with the back-breakingly heavy video equipment.

Features of RECnGO

  • Studio-quality recordings and live streams.
  • Perfect for corporate and social events.
  • No need to hire expensive video equipment and crew.
  • Ideal for smaller venues and social media content creation.
  • Use whatever device your team has. (iOS, Android & Huawei)
  • Easy customization & white-label – display your brand color, fonts, and logo.
  • Easy to use for live streaming – connect your devices and go live on social media or via a custom RTMP.
  • Easy to use for recording – save your footage locally/in the cloud for every camera angle and save it in your content library.
  • Simple setup and ease of use. (guided tour & tutorials available)

Multiple Angle Picture

Say goodbye to single-camera monotony and hello to an immersive viewing experience that your viewers will love!

Connect up to 12 mobile devices* for a multi-angle live stream that will captivate your audience (like never before).

*All you need is a shared WiFi or 4G/5G connection, and you’re ready to go.

Edit Your Footage Live Picture

Switch between the front and back cameras without leaving your producer’s chair – ideal for Q&A sessions when the audience members pass the microphone.

Adjust the white balance on each camera to keep your video looking its best – for all you care, the sun can play hide-and-seek, and your footage still looks consistent.

Turn the flash on and off independently for each device to keep your footage looking consistent – sometimes, you need a boost of light.

Zoom in and out on each camera for a close-up view of even the tiniest details – your viewers don’t want to be left out of the whiteboard presentation (even if the text is minuscule).

Announce Speakers Picture

Insert brand images and logos, or add names and titles of your presenters during your live stream – just like a TV show!
Choose from six transitioning/fading effects.

Control Your Audio Independently Picture

Adjust and balance the sound for each device independently from the built-in audio mixer – the only live video studio that’ll let you manage sound this way.

Mute the mic from where you sit if suddenly a group of people laughing appear from the bar…! Shhh!

Grab your seat in this powerful video production studio today and dazzle your clients with broadcast-quality productions (you can change the premium for).

Manage Your Projects In Advance Picture

Manage your projects days or weeks in advance by giving every client/project a home.

Create and upload brand colors, text, layers, or b-rolls so that on the day of your stream/production, all you have to do is set up your tripods and cameras.

Bonus: you can even copy-paste existing projects, so you’ll never have to start creating layers from scratch (huge time saver!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use RECnGO live video studio on iOS and Android devices?

Yes, you can! The RECnGO live video studio runs on iOS and Android devices (tablets and mobile phones). It is a cross platform, so if you have a RECnGO account, you can create a live video studio with your iOS & Android devices. It depends on your preference, for instance an iOS device can be a Main device, and an Android device can be an extra camera source and vice versa.

I am planning on using a camera instead a smart device device (tablet or phone) in the live stream. Can I connect my DSLR camera to RECnGO live video studio?

No, it is not possible to use RECnGO live video studio on a camera other than built-in cameras on compatible iOS & Android devices.

What equipment should I use with RECnGO live video studio?

The only requirements for using the RECnGO live video studio application are iOS and/or Android devices and a reliable internet network. Additional equipment can enhance your video production. For instance, tripods, mounts, etc. can help you to stabilize your devices, and also you can use microphones to make better audio.

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