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Vloggi makes collecting, curating and compiling user-generated video submissions from your customers, community or colleagues easy

  • Build a video library of user-generated clips
  • Re-use permissions captured for every clip
  • Produce professional videos without editing
  • Create custom video upload forms and incentivize uploads

“We proudly offer the finest footwear in the city.” – Shoezee.

“Hey, have you heard about Shoezee? They’ve got the most incredible selection of shoes!” – Your friend, Rob.

Which of the statements above would make you explore the Shoezee store? No prizes for guessing.

Turning your satisfied customers into active advocates is a powerful marketing (and revenue) strategy for your business.

Meet Vloggi

Vloggi is a video submission management platform that helps you to collect and store testimonial videos for your business(es) from your customers, along with their consent to re-use those clips in marketing. The platform also reformats all clips, adds your branding, and allows you to make compilations without video editing software.

Getting started with Vloggi is easy.

Simply create a campaign, share your landing page, and start collecting videos from your loyal customers (a.k.a your brand advocates).

All the video submissions come with consent to re-use, so you don’t have to deal with any legal challenges ever.

Start building your library of user-generated videos that you can reuse indefinitely.

You can customize your landing page to match your brand with custom fonts, logos, and colors. You can add a prize to incentivize your contributors and add specific instructions or tips to ensure quality videos. Leave no stone unturned.

Or you can win their trust, and get more interactive via a video message on the landing page that’s customized for your campaign.

But that’s not the end of it. Vloggi can be used as a lead-generation tool. 

By running either a video contest with a prize for the best videos or a discount code for every video submitted, you can turn your user-generated video into a lead generation tool. 

You can customize the customer data you collect on the landing page to understand your customers better (and sell more).

For instance, run a video contest to capture product reviews and give a prize to those you use on social media. Collect email addresses, locations, and product data for you to export. You can also ask custom brand-specific questions such as product variety. 

Once a customer submits their video, redirect them to a custom thank you message along with a call-to-action where they can see your latest arrivals.

(They’ve already taken the bait, now time to reel those fishes in!)

Save hours spent on downloading, formatting, and editing testimonial videos before you can use them on your landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Use the built-in customizable templates, specific to your purpose to get ready-to-publish videos.

Build a master template once, with your branding elements, then automate your video post-production.

You can edit and customize how your final video looks along with your brand logo, fonts, and colors.

Download user-generated videos from the video library in full HD and start publishing them right away. 

It’s time you turn your happy customers into brand advocates and start selling more.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $1470 (98.1%)
  • 25 Video Clips
  • 2 Users
  • 2 Upload links
  • Mapped to Collector Plan
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Plan B
Save $2940 (98.1%)
  • 250 Video Clips
  • 5 Users
  • 5 Upload link
  • Fully customizable landing pages
  • Combine video clips into stories
  • Download video clips in Full HD
  • Mapped to Community Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vloggi?

Vloggi is a user-generated  video production platform. Our tools make it easy for anyone to source, brand and use unique video content created by their colleagues, community or customers.

Vloggi’s mission is to democratise video production by combining the automation of video editing automation with the crowdsourcing of footage capture. With over two billion smartphone users globally possessing a high definition video camera, we have the ability to turn half the world into videographers.

What is user-generated video?

User-generated video is video created not by ordinary people rather than professional videographers. There are 2.5 billion smartphones and a further 500,000 action cameras. That means any of these could create video clips that a brand or community could use in their marketing.

User-generated video (or UGV for short) is marketing’s holy grail. It combines the conversion power of video (around 9.2 times that of images) with that of user-generated content (four times the click-through rates of professional content).

Social media platforms all now prioritise video, yet few tools exist to source video from customers. Vloggi’s opportunity is to make user-generated video professional, consistent and automated.

Is your platform aimed at video bloggers?

No, although all are welcome.

Our platform is predominantly a tool for content marketers who want to engage their audience with user-generated video content

But anyone can start a project to collaborate with co-workers, club members or community members. Anyone can then merge the best videos together to create finished video compilations.

Vloggi is an easy user-generate content (UGC) video platform coupled with a powerful video story assembler tool. Our smart browser-based video maker compiles, brands and formats video stories for project owners.

The Vloggi system automatically combines a series of short video clips together into a montage. No editing is required to make short films that can be downloaded or shared on social media.

So Vloggi is open to anyone who needs quick, easy and affordable video content.

Why wouldn't I just pay influencer agencies?

You can. The world we inhabit is that of micro-influencers, rather than macro influencers or mega influencers. So ordinary people in the right place and right time with a smartphone and a desire to give back to their community and perhaps win prizes along the way if their clips are re-used. We work with agencies, but really we are about enabling our customers to reach their existing communities through a crowdsourced video production platform.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem where communities create their own video content for their own purposes, with the possibility to earn a secondary motivator. It is a fair and transparent evolution of the social influencer model.

Is user-generated video a thing?

User-generated video (UGV) will be the single largest marketing trend of the 2020s

  • User-generated video content will double by 2025 to represent over 50% of all video produced
  • 2/3 of large companies already run social media campaigns, but are looking for more control
  • Two in three consumers trust user-generated video content more than advertising
Can companies use user-generated video?

Currently, only 15% of small companies use any video at all in their marketing, due to its cost and complexity.

Video production is a slow, linear process that can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many weeks.

User-generated video  reduces video production cost by 90% and allows real-time dynamic production.

Small businesses and social groups can add video content to their marketing mix for the first time.

We want to connect the people with great video clips on their phones with the people who want to combine these clips together into longer videos.

This  could be a brand crowdsourcing a buzz reel, a company creating a multi-location corporate video or  travel companions creating a trip highlights video