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WPvivid Backup Plugin is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for WordPress scheduled backup, restore, and migration.

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No matter what your WordPress site is about, you need to back it up so that, on the off chance something bad happens, you have a working copy that you can restore from.

If your host isn’t already doing that for you, that means you need your own WordPress backup plugin.

WPvivid is the best WordPress backup plugin that can help you safely and automatically back up your WordPress site to off-site locations on a schedule that you specify. Beyond that, it can also help you migrate your site to a new domain, as well as restore any backups that you’ve taken.

WPvivid Features:

You most definitely don’t want your favorite backup solution to fail on you, especially when you really need it. As such, you deserve a fully-featured and all-in-one WordPress plugin such as WPvivid.

Easy Site Migration: The plugin allows you to transfer your WordPress site with a single click. It supports multiple types of migrations including dev environment to a new server, dev environment to a new domain, or live server to another.

Additionally, you can migrate your site to a subdirectory, from a.com to b.com, from a.com to a.com/directory and from a.com to b.com/directory. The plugin allows you to transfer the entire site, files, or the database only. The whole migration process is as easy as A, B, C.

Easy Backups and One-Click Restore: Creating backups with WPvivid is a piece of cake. You can manually create downloadable backups. Further, you can upload your backups to remote storage sites such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP, FTP, and Google Drive among others. If you don’t have the time to create backups manually, you can easily set up automatic backups that run regularly.

In times of need, you can easily restore your WordPress site from a backup with a single click. Other features include the ability to customize backup content, the ability to filter large files, log files, support for large database files, responsive design, backup splitting, and a backup lock to keep backups safe from auto-deletion among others.

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WPvivid Lifetime Deal

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $699 (87.6%)

Basic Plan

  •  Up to 2 Websites
  •  WPvivid Backup Pro
  •  Addon: Incremental Backup
  •  Lifetime Support
  •  Lifetime Update
  •  Domain Change: One Day
Plan B
Save $1159 (89.3%)

Freelancer Plan

  •  Up to 10 Websites
  •  WPvivid Backup Pro
  •  Addon: Incremental Backup
  •  Addon: Create Staging Sites
  •  Addon: Roles & Capabilities
  •  Addon: White Label
Plan C
Save $1999 (90.9%)

Small Business Plan

  •  Up to 50 Websites
  •  WPvivid Backup Pro
  •  Addon: Incremental Backup
  •  Addon: Create Staging Sites
  •  Addon: Roles & Capabilities
  •  Addon: White Label


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