5 Things to Consider Before Buying Lifetime Software Deals

Undoubtedly the SaaS products are seamless, as they serve the special features like growing your business all the way around. Along with that, you get a lifetime deals on that at a very cheap price.

In this detailed post, I’m gonna showcase you the top 5 things that are essential for you to know about the lifetime buying software deals so that you’ll be able to save a few bucks on that. There are several platforms out there such as Appsumo that help you to select the best lifetime deals, so make sure to check them out.

Moving forward one thing I need to conclude is that the lifetime deals are only valuable if you’re getting a true benefit out of that. And if not then there’s no sense to go with it. It doesn’t matter how discount you get but if you are not using it on your regular message then it’s useless. And it is a complete waste of money and the time you have spent in research.

Most of the time it happens that you just buy a product or the services and did not use it at any instance in such a case I will highly recommend you do not purchase the specific product even if you are getting is with a 95% discount.

Moving forward let me tell you that SaaS products tremendously increase from the last decade and you get various options over there to get lifetime deals and offers. So that’s the thing why we have shortlisted the top five things of LTDs which will help you to buy lifetime software. So make sure to stick to this complete post in order to know details about the SaaS products.

Without any further ado let’s dive deep into it.

All you need to know about the lifetime Software deals

If you’re a digital marketer, bloggers, Influencers, bloggers out there. You might have struggled a lot for getting the monthly subscription of the specific product that you need to grow your business. In such a case to get rid out of the monthly or even yearly subscription the lifetime deals make the true sense which provides you a chance to acquire their lifetime offer at very few cost.

To make you sure there’s no physical product over there, the product is all binary like software and the tools that are truly beneficial to grow your business. Appsumo is leading the market by providing such offers.

But, so as to help you I’ve shortlisted the 5 things that you need to know before you have any of your lifetime Software purchases. So make sure to check it out.

Top 5 Things To Look For, If You’re Buying Lifetime Software Deals

1. Make sure to perform the homework for the company and the developer thoroughly

This is one of the major aspects, to begin with. It doesn’t matter whether it’s SaaS product or the services, all you need to know is the service they’re serving you in each aspect. Most of the time it happens that you just get blessed by the offers the specific SaaS products are offering you but there are certain factors that you need to know about.

So here are the following details:

  • While choosing the products make sure to do the proper research on that, so that you might get a good deal on the specific product that you’re about to purchase. For this, we can use Google as a search engine, where you will find various information regarding the product or the services. One of the biggest reason why most of the products sold out just because of the reviews that they got from the consumers out there. If the product has positive reviews and if they’re are serving the Great Value, along with the high-quality services then I’ll highly recommend you to go with such products and the services. So if you’re quite interested in buying such stuff that truly adds value in your life, then make sure to check them out by visiting the platforms like Appsumo, PitchGround, and SaaS Mantra.
  • To know about these specific services you can find them on the SEO forums for Facebook so that to get genuine info about that. And if they are leading the industry will probably the chances are more that they will join most of the Facebook groups. And if they’re not on the Facebook groups and not known by the marketers or bloggers out there in the industry than I must say think of it before having any of the purchases.

2. Make sure to check about the features that are truly rolling out there

One of the keynotes that you need to know is all about the LTD that is being served to you at a certain instance. Though the platforms are endless out there in various different industries the only thing is how you’re managing them. If that doesn’t make any sense to you make sure not to buy them even if they’re offering you the software at very cheap rates.

If they’re serving you the great features along with the regular updates and if they’re staying connected with their customers then it’s called to be genuine then undoubtedly you can get their lifetime subscription.

 There’s the genuine reason why most of the people like to go with the same, the first thing is the commitment that you get from the services or the product. The next and most important thing is updates which is one of the most important factors that serve you a great value. Also, customer support is one of the most important factors that are truly beneficial that you cannot ignore at any instance. So if you’re the one looking for the product and the services with the lifetime deal you can surely consider the genuine software out there.

3. The roadmap should be considered

We See most of the products out there which provides you true value, but in certain instances, if you’re planning to purchase the specific products or the services that help you to grow your business then make sure to examine the background of the platform. Their early stages will consider the successes, so make sure to check that out before getting into the lifetime deals.

Most of the time it happens that the product does not consist of the feature that you are looking for and hence there is no way to consider the product in the list of lifetime deals. Let’s say if you are going to buy the lifetime service for the email marketing tools but it does not consist of the dashboard then it doesn’t make any sense. Even if the product is booming in the market but it does not fulfill your requirement just because the product is in the roadmap and under development stage.

But if the LTD is providing you a lifetime deal and making sure of providing the future updates then it makes the true sense of considering it in your bucket list. So Make sure to consider the road map before you buy any of the products out there.

Another big reason why you should consider the roadmap is, is the company on the platform are speaking on their promises or not? There are many SaaS products who claim of providing the future updates within 1-2 months but they don’t, in such case, you might have to hold for a while so that the specific feature will get added. Most of the time it happens that the product or the services do not stick with the promises and in such case, you might get tricked to purchase their lifetime deals that doesn’t make any sense to you for growing your businesses.

Always remember that roadmaps are updated in a proper manner but most of the platforms try to ignore it just because it’s hectic for them to do so. Most of the time it happens just because the developer mostly focuses on the promotion itself rather than focusing on the services and the regular updates which need to be provided to the consumers. So if you are in this situation of confusion then I would highly recommend you contact their customer support before having your purchases for the specific product.

4. Contact their customer support

The whole point of providing the deals to the sounds pretty good, but the twist is that most of the time the services which you are looking for did not include over there, just because there providing you enough time between doesn’t mean you’ll own that services at any cost. In the end, you’re paying them for the specific services that you need. So you need to make sure that if they’re not offering you any updates then it doesn’t make any sense of considering the life offers at any instance.

Before having any purchases if you have any of the doubts regarding the product that I will highly recommend you contact their customer executive so as to get rid off.

We have figured out one of the easiest ways to know what this specific product is offering you. All you need to do is join their free services for the free trial and get your questions answered by one of the customer executives. It’ll surely help you to sort out the issue regarding the specific product and also you can ask them about the future updates and additional features that are essential for you to know about. An increase in the product or the service is not offering you free services or try and then make sure to contact their customer care to clear about the future updates and the features that are not included.

It is important for you to do so just because of the following things:

  • Your confusion will get clear. 
  • You will get more clear about the specific product or the services.
  • The developer will found that you are a genuine buyer.

Also, you can check out their training materials as well which will the true sense to know more about the product and services. And if you found any issue over there you can switch yourself to the other options available out there that provide you with the lifetime software deals.

5. Figure out whether the product is serving your current need and the upcoming need as well

With so many doing this you cannot miss the lifetime deal is that serves you a great feature along with less price initially. But I want to be straight forward here if you found no need for the specific product of the services then make sure not to go for it just for the sake of future need fulfillment. Well, you will make possible a good decision for your business growth but if you stick with some of the products or the services out there of any type, you’ll get used to it. And most of the time it becomes difficult to switch from one to another. In such case the lifetime deal you get on that product you cannot ignore, it’ll rescue you from the monthly investment to acquire those product’s services.

Final Verdict: Consider 5 Things Before Buying Lifetime Deals

So in this detailed list, we’ve acquired the top five things that you need to know about the lifetime deals so as to save a few amounts of bucks. They’ll give you an idea before you invest any of your money into the product or the service. Also, I’ll highly recommend you check the Appsumo, PitchGround & SaaS Mantra, as they are trusted and the oldest platform that serves the lifetime Software deals to you.

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