How to Convert Blog Traffic to Sales (A Guide for SaaS)

Are you the owner of a SaaS company but due to fewer sales you might be demotivating at a certain instance if you’re wondering for so here’s the solution for the same. I will take you to the correct framework which will subsequently help you to convert more traffic to the sales.

I want to make sure that this simple process will help the readers to generate more interest in your product of the services and eventually it will generate more sales out there. Even I am going to share with you the tactics that doesn’t require any type of convincing skills to rely upon.

But before getting deep into the process let me convey you a few more things that are essential for you to know about. So here we go.

All you need to know about SaaS brand converting more traffic

Let me tell you that SaaS brands are typically doing the same job as you do but there are certain factors of which they care in a more proper manner. Most of the SaaS companies out there used to generate brand awareness thought so that the visitors get attracted towards the content, blog posts, landing pages, etc.

This is the most important factor why most of the brands are converting huge amounts of traffic throughout their products and the services. Though the efforts applied on it are seamless so you cannot predict that one to get soon but once you figure out the importance of conversion the task becomes much easier and Convenient.

It doesn’t matter which SEO strategy you apply to gain more traffic to your blog but eventually, if it is not converting any of the sales then its meant to be useless, just because your product and services are the major things which are created and designed specifically to serve.

Here is the reason why I am your audience is not able to fetch your product or services:

  • Your audience might not know about the product for the services, along with that they might be unaware of where to sign up. 
  • You might be not presenting the product and services in a proper manner.

Providing that CTA button is much important where they will get to know about the sign-up button, using that CTA button your audience will get enrolled themselves into your services or products and join your membership as well according to the law of your company.

Most of the website consists of a post banner where the sign-up button is included and that’s the main tragedy. Use several resources that will allow your audience to get sign up easily (well people like easy to access manner).

The chances of getting signed up get increases Increases if the signup button is available easily. Most of the time it happens that people used to visit your website in just because of the following things:

  • People might visit your website just for the sake of advice, not a solution.
  • Just because of the curiosity and the Desire of learning they have been driven into your website.
  • Last most of the people used to visit just because of their and awareness about your products and organically they’ve visited your site.

Well, you cannot always rely upon the organic conversion just because the chances are much less, so here are some of the basic kinds of stuff that you need to know about converting blog traffic to sales.

How Your SaaS Company Can Convert Blog Traffic?

I have been using the couple of techniques that converted my block traffic into the sales, so here are those 2 only ways that can convert more blog traffic to the sales:

  • Grabbing the attention of the people and pushing them to your sales page or the homepage where you’ll showcase your own product or the services. 
  • You can capture their emails so that to make an email list, in furthermore case you can convert those emails into conversion. 

I must suggest you use an above-mentioned couple of methods well it completely depends upon the type of content you’re producing. You’ll have to check that when to use those methods. 

Well despite only can be you the two most vital SEO strategy that you need to know about for generating more sales:-

  • Search intent must be clear at all. 
  • Purchase of proximity. 

Let’s get it into each.

All You Need To Know About Search Intent

Search interval is the most useful feature that you need to know about this is the only factor which will help you to convert your blog traffic into the sales so as to get a profit from that.

Working process

One of the vital reasons why most of the visits around there do not click on your call to action just because it is relevant to them. First, you need to know why the specific people have reached out to your website to know about the content.

Along with that, it is essential for you to know why the people are searching on the search engine about the specific term or the keyword.

There could be three possibilities that made them search, and that are:-

  • Most of the people used to visit your website just for the sake of capturing the more info about the specific words that they are interested in, in case if we provide them a service on products they will surely not gonna take interest in that.
  • Most of the time the local intent focus is on local information.
  • What are the most important thing is what you are targeting your content?

An informational intent is something that most people like, just because of the Curiosity generated in between to know more about the facts. A lot of people used to search the questions like ‘how to’ excessive amount so that to gain complete details about the specific keyword on the topic.

Now let’s head off to some of the intent that needs to be compared with one another:

CRM small businesses: For most of the services, people use to sign up just for the sake of commercial purposes and to use the services the specific brand is offering to them. It’s been noticed that most of the time on the first page of Google there appears the product review on you can see the difference between several services and products. Most of the people used to search for the solution amongst all.

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Sales (A Guide for SaaS) 1

How to use CRM in small businesses: In this type of intent mostly on the Google first page, the information might occur over there if you type search keywords in the search box. Surely the audience type in these types of interest will be very different compared to the previous one. As you .see it in the previous one the people’s intent is to find the specific product on the services whereas in this one the people want to know about products or services.

Well, most of the bloggers out there use several SEO tools that help them to grow their website in various different aspects, the perspective can be anything but the thing is to provide them and proper information along with converting blog traffic into the sales.

The second intent is all about providing the specific information eventually this can form various sales if you possibly convert those blog traffic into the sales. One of the most important things are if you fail of understanding about the audiences then you might not get as much conversion rates that you need.

For now, let’s move on to the second aspect of conversion. 

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Sales (A Guide for SaaS) 2

The Proximity To Purchase

It is one of the shortest aspects that you need to know where the sales are specifically driven under the traffic but for that, you need to apply specific methods. Let me tell you that visitors of their visits your website just because they like your content and the way of conveying things rather than others out there.

Just think of the way you deliver the content to the visitors and that’s the reason why most of the people like your content and eventually if you promote your product online services in a proper manner you will be able to convert those blog traffic into the sales and it’ll get you on the top.

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Sales (A Guide for SaaS) 3

Here’s is how to convert blog traffic into sales?

Warrior in this post we have discussed the two factors that you need to consider for converting your blog traffic into the sales i.e.

With the help of search intent used to signify that the keyboard you are using must maintain the regularity in the content so that people get connected with you at any instance. Rather than having the commercial content in the mind people used to search for specific information about the keywords they type.

Then after comes to proximity to purchase which means that the people are searching for more quality content than before so that to get more information about the specific services of the product. Once you find that correct the task becomes much easier for you to convert blog traffic into the sales.

Love you might get confused that how will you capture more traffic to get maximum sales, and here comes the idea that you need to maintain. Firstly make sure to get your traffic close to the product and services and in a proper manner in between the post serve them the product info and its importance.

Use the simple automation for that.

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Sales (A Guide for SaaS) 4

What automation is the best?

There are endless automation factors out there but rather than going on the way let me convey to you the thing that is essential for you to know about. First, make sure to know about the audience type so that people will get connected through it. And once you Begin that the people will get on your way in the search for the services and the product you’re offering them.

Don’t make the post much complicated as most of the people likes to be as simple and much responsible post.

Measuring Strategies

I’ve shortlisted a couple of measuring activities that you can apply just an in your next post, so let’s get started:-

Strategy 1: pushing the audience to the product page

There are two ways that you can report on this strategy. One signifies whether your content actually converts visitors. The other shows how many of those visitors actually sign up.

Here’s how to do it.

Method 1

To evaluate and track the success of the strategy, you must measure how many blog visitors actually click on the call to action and go to the destination page.

For example, if you send visitors from a blog post about the benefits of having a CRM to the homepage, you measure how much traffic landed on the homepage from that content.

You can do it in a number of ways:

  • Assign a UTM code to calls to action in the blog post. This way, your referral traffic will show in Google Analytics.
  • Set up a goal in GA to track traffic to the destination page. Then, use the landing page report to identify conversion rates from the blog post to the destination page. This approach is particularly handy to monitor traffic to a handful of destinations from a multitude of blog posts.

Here’s how to set up a simple goal to track blog traffic to the destination page.

In GA -> Goals, click New Goal, you’ll be asked to select goal type. You can choose from pre-selected templates or start from scratch.

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Sales (A Guide for SaaS) 5

Next, give the goal a name, and select the destination URL:

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Sales (A Guide for SaaS) 6

At the bottom of the screen, just above the Save button, you’ll see an option to verify this goal. Do it. It’ll tell you how this goal has performed in the last 7 days. This is a nice indication of what results from you can expect moving forward.

Method 2

This method relies on setting up goals as well. This time, however, you specify the final stage of the signup’s funnel – typically your thank you page – as the destination.

You then use the Landing pages report in GA to see how many people who have first landed on the blog post have signed up for the product (i.e., reached the thank you page.)

Strategy 2: sign up for email

Now, this strategy is much simpler to measure. Most of the data is delivered in your email marketing tools – the number of signups, and often even, which call to action generated the signup.

Personally, I use a combination of a dedicated call to action plugin and an email platform. Each delivers its own set of analytics. The plugin reports on the performance of each CTA, whereas the platform shows me list growth and subscriber engagement.

You may be using a simpler process. Nonetheless, you will find the list growth data in the email platform, and that is the basic KPI you should be tracking.

Final Verdict

In this detailed post, we’ve covered a lot more things that are essential for you to know about. There is various SaaS company out there who are generating more traffic but unable to convert those traffic into the sales, inside the this is not the true factor just because the product for the services which you are created is worth.

Make sure to apply the above process more frequently so as to get maximum traffic out of that.

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